C25k day two or Oh how I love technology!


Good afternoon my lovely friends! As you can tell I am in a pretty crazy good mood! Please excuse my overuse of exclamation points. Apparently I fancy myself emphatic when I am giddy with endorphines.

I just got back from day two of my quest to better health and a healthier hobby. It was AWESOME. After failing to wake up at 6am to run with my husband I got some groceries and went on what had to have been the windiest run ever in the history of runs……ever! Getting past the wind, the aching calves, and the growing blister on the bottom of each foot it went better than yesterday. I could feel myself regulating my breathing faster, I was keeping better posture,  and I had a more positive attitude.

Onto part of the reason for my joy. After I left you yesterday my husband and I planted our garden, then we took a nice quick trip to REI. If you are not familiar with REI its like Valhalah for outdoors people. Brett had rewards that were going to expire and he graciously offered to spend them on me. My running shoes were old, and I bought them for like $10 at walmart so I found that was time for a new pair. Especially if I am going to get serious about this whole running thing. I got some actual running shoes that have gel in the heel and in the ball of my foot (the gel in front is very important for me because I land right on the ball of my food when I run and it helps prevent blisters).

Along with my beautiful new shoes (which I was tempted to cuddle with last night as they were so pretty and shiny) I spend about three hours on running research. I am not the type of person who likes to go into something without thinking about it. I may seem spontanious, but copious amounts of research are my security blanket. I read at least 20 articles ranging from beginners guides to competitive running guides, to marathon guides, to nutrition guides. I found some amazing tips that not only made me feel better about myself, but gave me a good solid foundation for training.

One of the best things I did today was turn on my phone. I have three different fitness apps that I have downloaded for my phone and two programs on the internet. The main one I use is the C25K app. It tells me when to walk and run. It is essential for what I am doing right now, and best of all its free! The other one I turned on today was Runkeeper (runkeeper.com or free in the Android app store). It uses the GPS in your phone and maps you run, tells you your average mph, your total distance, and your total time. It then send the map to your computer so that you can keep track of your stats and your maps. Its FABULOUS! Today my run was 34 minutes, 2.31 miles, at an average of 4.07 mph, and I burned 314 calories. Cool huh?

Lastly, I have some news. During my research every single article told me that to get serious about running sign up for a race a few months away so that you have something to shoot for. Well, Brett and I are doing just that! If all goes according to plan we will be running in the August Dirty Dash (http://www.thedirtydash.com/races/colorado.html). It is a 5k race/obstacle course. Their goal is to cover you in as much mud as they can. Bonus, if you come watch us you get to throw water balloons at us as we run! We thought that would be a fun first race for me, and a great couples activity (what could be more romantic than running an obstacle course through 3 miles of mud?)

I should go eat my lunch now. I am quite hungry after my “big run.” This weekend we plan on going hiking at Garden of the gods, and Sunday will be restorative yoga! See you all on Monday for c25k day 3!!!!!!!



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  1. Awesome stuff, I’m definitely going to check out the app. The one website I love is http://www.mapmyrun.com to try and get different ideas on where to go running. The site lists the distance, elevation changes, etc. which is pretty awesome.

    Here is one thing I learned the hard way about running: do not spend too much time running the same flat trail each time you go running. I got into the habit of running along a canal near Grass Valley until I was able to smoke through 3+ miles at a fairly good pace. Once I realized my awesomeness I began to run up insane hills around GV (Grass Valley has no lack for hills) and over time I began to get more and more injuries. I first got achilles tendonitis which developed from an extreme change in my running patterns (all hills and no flatness). The second injury I got was with my IT band (sinew that runs up the side of your leg from the knee to the hip) which was from running 5 miles that included some massive elevation changes. In short, learn how to stretch everything in your legs so you treat them properly and don’t go from a noob run to something crazy in one day. Build up to your goals and they will come over time, these are things I’m still having to remind myself of.

    I cannot stress enough, DO NOT injury your IT band! It takes SOOOOOOOOO long to heal and it was a very painful reminder to be wise about stretching and pacing yourself.

    • Oh my goodness. I hope everything is getting healed!
      I will definitely take your advice to heart. I think the c25k program is helping with starting slow. Also, I don’t know that there is anywhere in Colorado Springs to run that doesn’t have some sort of hill slant, but I will be changing it up.
      How is it going getting back into it?

  2. I’m a little sore but that goes without saying. I normally run for the mental clarity I get from it and feeling more energetic as well. I’ve had a couple of awesome runs so far where I did far better than I expected but at the same time had some poopy ones as well. Overall I am super happy I am back into it.

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