Merely a flesh wound!


Friday I had an amazing run. It was the kind of run that we strive for. It was mind clearing, exhilarating, and it gave me the runners high I have never experienced. Friday night I got a little depressed and begged Brett to go on a nice calming walk. Good idea right? WRONG! Not three steps down the driveway my ankle gave out, rolled all the way right, and caused me to fall down in pain. I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but I didn’t realize that I was going have an injury on the second day.

Brett immediately carried me inside (my big strong hero!!!) to prop up and ice my ankle. I spent Saturday hobbling around, and Sunday only doing slightly better than that. Today I woke up with only minor bruising and pain. I took a short walk and did some yoga so as not to exasperate the injury any more than I have to.

It is only a minor setback as I will be picking up day 3 of c25k tomorrow! Also, tomorrow there will be pictures of my before form for just another way to share my journey with you. I have found through doing Nanowrimo ( if you don’t know what it is I seriously recommend you check it out) that when I share my progress with the world the encouragement I receive and the fear of failing those I love keeps me on track.

I hope you had an amazing exercise filled day. I am off to make more Kale chips and finish that cup of green tea that has been calling my name!!




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