You say its your birthday.


TODAY WAS AWESOME! Sometimes there is just a day that exceeds your expectations. It was today! I did week 2 day one of C25k. I did it on a treadmill at the gym, because I was already there for a Drs appointment (exema free!) I found that on a treadmill I go a bit easy on myself so I decided to step it up.

On this day I was supposed to run 90 seconds then walk 2 minutes for a total of 6 times. I decided that was too easy. I added a 7th set. I then got on the arm cycling machine (OUCH!) and did 20 more minutes (after stretching of course.)

Today I made a discovery. The impact my workout has on my mood is in direct correlation to the attitude I have going in. Tuesday when I was in a slump not wanting to do anything I didn’t experience half of the endorphins I experienced today! I had a good attitude going in, and a good attitude coming out of it.

Todays post is short mainly due to the fact that I did what I was supposed to without hiccups, and I want to enjoy my birthday! I have instituted a new rule to keep me blogging, no shower until you blog. So I either write to the wonderful internet or stink until I do! I think its a good system.

One more thing. Does anyone else get an intense desire to gobble an entire pizza after their run???? Just me? Cool……




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  1. After I ran that huge run last Sunday I thought I could gobble 5 entire pizzas by myself…thankfully I did not do that but had a salad instead. Anyway, happy birthday and I like the new look for your website! Now go shower, you stink.

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