You can feel sorry for yourself tomorrow. Today we run!


I had a mantra today.

“You are not a wimp!”

I repeated it to myself over and over. I repeated it until I got the flipping message.

When I started my warm up walking today (c25k week 3 day 2) I had a dull ache in my calves. By the middle of my workout it had escalated from a dull ache to a roar of pain. Pain that was radiating from my legs. If it were a cartoon they would have been red and steamy hot with little squiggle lines emanating from them. I considered quitting. I considered it quite seriously, but when that little phone told me to start running, for some reason, I took off running.

I don’t know if its the submissive in me, or if it was just sheer force of will. When told to I ran.

I am now doing research as to why my legs hurt so badly. Its not shin splints, because its in the back and outer edges of my legs. It might be muscle strain, or lack of hydration, or improper stretching. At any rate. I have taken some ibuprofen, drunk copious amounts of water, and will now ice down my calves until they decide that they would like to rejoin the party as considerate citizens.

As for me feeling sorry for myself.

I can always do that tomorrow.

Today, I ran!

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