Lets talk about music


Today was the last day of week three. It went very well. On the last stretch I found that zen-like place and was grinning like an idiot for about 20 minutes! In light of that lets talk about something that can help our runs go smoother: Our musical choice!

I have the most eclectic running mix ever. From Jay-Z to Dolly Parton. From The Beatles to Ke$ha. From classical piano to The Spice Girls (also with a good measure of Daft Punk and Dead Maus thrown in for pumping up my speed!) I have been finding that there is not a bad choice when it comes to running (except maybe a dirge…that could end badly.)  When I am starting out I prefer to thrown on some electronica and dance to get my blood flowing. As I go along I do like some poppy surprises (MMbob Anyone?) but my real first choice right now I found on Tumbler.

I friend of mine (with impeccable musical taste) posted this video and it BLEW MY FRIKIN MIND! If you are musical nerd (former music major/ chior/handbells/vocalist etc..) you will be in sheer awe of this song.

If you (like me) like to pretend that you are in the race of your life, cameras flashing, video rolling, friends cheering, enemies weeping, then you should download this cd. Its glorious and has helped me keep pace several times.

Now another for good measure…..and because it is also gloriously beautiful (and makes me grin like a fool)

What is your favorite running music?



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