Running in the snow.


Good morning everyone. How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful. Full of knitting, reading a new book, bubble baths and hiking. As I woke up this morning though the sun had been swept away by a gloomy snowy sky and 40 degree weather. As I ate my breakfast the temp kept dropping. I decided (with some encouragement from facebook friends) to go ahead and run. 

Today I was running c25k week 5 day 2. It consisted of run 8 minutes walk 5 repeat. At first I was worried, and it was hard. But as I got to minute 7 of the first set I was bounding like a puppy who had just been let off of her leash. It was freeing and entrancing. It truly was a wonderful run. My fear is mostly gone about Wednesdays 20 minute (NO WALKING!) run. (mostly gone….) As for now I am going to concentrate on how well I did today. The fact that I have worked my way up to doing heaps of pushups, (I went from not even 10 to 50 in rapid succesion) I am stronger, faster, and I have energy. Something that could not be said about me before I started this process. 

I have some serious knitting and cooking to do this afternoon, but tune in tomorrow when we will be having a discussion on nutrition and the pros and cons of dieting.  For now I am going to enjoy my green tea as it warms up my body.



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