These are a few of my favorite things.


C25k week 5 complete! The significance of this is HUGE! Today was the day where you jump out of your comfort zone of walking breaks. Today I ran 20 minutes straight….NO WALKING! I did it incredibly slowly, but I did it. And my friends that is all that counts.

I promised you a lovely talk on nutrition today. So, here it goes. (Disclaimer: I am in no way a dietician, nutritionist, or health expert. I have however logged considerable hours in research in preparation for a more healthly lifestyle. ) I mainly wanted to share with you my findings. I have discovered some of the best foods for staying healthly, keeping up energy, and feeling great.

One of the best foods I now rave about and eat almost every day is Oatmeal. I vary from steel cut to instant. I sometimes put berries and milk, honey and almonds, or a little sugar and plumbs. Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate that gives you energy that will sustain you throughout a longer run, keeping you full longer. I try to stay away from most oatmeal bars unless I have checked them because they are FULL OF SUGAR!

Another of my new favorite foods is almonds. Almonds are pretty much the perfect snack. They have good fats, phytochemicals, vitamin E, and some contain a lovely little thing called rhizveritrol which is an anti-inflammatory. They have been known to decrease the risk of heart attacks, lower cholesterol, and prevent cancer. They are a wonderfood. Also, they are delicious. Just make sure you get the unsalted kind or you may be adding more sodium than you think to your diet.

The last food I am going to talk about today is Spinach. Now I am no popeye but I have always loved my spinach. I have been eating the canned stuff since I was a little girl. But only recently have I discovered the plain raw spinach. In addition to it having almost zero calories (yes I said ZERO) it is packed full of zinc, vitamins A C and K, Calcium, magnesium, and (my favorite) FIBER! ( You may not think that constipation is a big deal now, but when it hits you bad on a long road trip you are going to wish you had more fiber in your diet. ) (ps: Oatmeal is also full of fiber!) I throw spinach in everything from a morning omlette, chicken soup, to my lunchtime salad. Dress it up with a little homemade vinaigrette and some strawberries and you cannot go wrong. Just make sure you wash it very well. Spinach is grown underground so it is chock full of dirt. May I recommend a salad spinner?

I hope that gives you some good ideas for additions to your favorite meals. Some simple additions can give you great health benifits.


What are your favorite running foods?


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  1. Good for you for making the run!! I love all of those foods you mentioned above. I also think that on non-running days it’s a good idea to eat lots of red meats – although I might just think that because I have low iron.

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