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Good morning lovelies. I would like to start of by saying that I feel great! I finished week six of C25k today (22 minutes running, no walking) and it was wonderful. It didn’t start off wonderfully. It started off with me whining about it being too long to run. Then I got into my groove (and had a lovely husband at my side cheering me on!) and things started to fall into place.

There was also one major difference today.

I went to the gym and did a lovely yoga practice with some of the sweetest teachers. They were a husband and wife who taught a free class at the base gym. (The wife reminded me so much of my Oma that I had to double take to make sure that it wasn’t her.) It was a fairly relaxed session with some tai chi thrown in. My muscles still felt stretched from that so today there were no muscle pains during my run. It was almost miraculous. I have told you before that I usually come home with very sore calves, knees, and an ankle or two, but today I feel like I could take on the world. I did some light (or not so light) yoga poses as a cool down when we got home, then proceeded to do pushups, flutter kicks, planks, and oblique crunches. I feel so light and full of energy. Yoga not only makes me feel better, but it aids in my running making me better, stronger, and faster. Let me tell you I am pretty excited about the future of this relationship between my running practice and my yoga practice.

If you are thinking about  taking up running or yoga please let me urge you to do it! Do your research first to make sure that you don’t have any injuries or trouble areas that could become something serious. But taking that first step is a big deal. Your body will thank you!


Someday I will be able to do this pose. Until then- namaste and keep running!



These are a few of my favorite things.


C25k week 5 complete! The significance of this is HUGE! Today was the day where you jump out of your comfort zone of walking breaks. Today I ran 20 minutes straight….NO WALKING! I did it incredibly slowly, but I did it. And my friends that is all that counts.

I promised you a lovely talk on nutrition today. So, here it goes. (Disclaimer: I am in no way a dietician, nutritionist, or health expert. I have however logged considerable hours in research in preparation for a more healthly lifestyle. ) I mainly wanted to share with you my findings. I have discovered some of the best foods for staying healthly, keeping up energy, and feeling great.

One of the best foods I now rave about and eat almost every day is Oatmeal. I vary from steel cut to instant. I sometimes put berries and milk, honey and almonds, or a little sugar and plumbs. Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate that gives you energy that will sustain you throughout a longer run, keeping you full longer. I try to stay away from most oatmeal bars unless I have checked them because they are FULL OF SUGAR!

Another of my new favorite foods is almonds. Almonds are pretty much the perfect snack. They have good fats, phytochemicals, vitamin E, and some contain a lovely little thing called rhizveritrol which is an anti-inflammatory. They have been known to decrease the risk of heart attacks, lower cholesterol, and prevent cancer. They are a wonderfood. Also, they are delicious. Just make sure you get the unsalted kind or you may be adding more sodium than you think to your diet.

The last food I am going to talk about today is Spinach. Now I am no popeye but I have always loved my spinach. I have been eating the canned stuff since I was a little girl. But only recently have I discovered the plain raw spinach. In addition to it having almost zero calories (yes I said ZERO) it is packed full of zinc, vitamins A C and K, Calcium, magnesium, and (my favorite) FIBER! ( You may not think that constipation is a big deal now, but when it hits you bad on a long road trip you are going to wish you had more fiber in your diet. ) (ps: Oatmeal is also full of fiber!) I throw spinach in everything from a morning omlette, chicken soup, to my lunchtime salad. Dress it up with a little homemade vinaigrette and some strawberries and you cannot go wrong. Just make sure you wash it very well. Spinach is grown underground so it is chock full of dirt. May I recommend a salad spinner?

I hope that gives you some good ideas for additions to your favorite meals. Some simple additions can give you great health benifits.


What are your favorite running foods?


Running in the snow.


Good morning everyone. How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful. Full of knitting, reading a new book, bubble baths and hiking. As I woke up this morning though the sun had been swept away by a gloomy snowy sky and 40 degree weather. As I ate my breakfast the temp kept dropping. I decided (with some encouragement from facebook friends) to go ahead and run. 

Today I was running c25k week 5 day 2. It consisted of run 8 minutes walk 5 repeat. At first I was worried, and it was hard. But as I got to minute 7 of the first set I was bounding like a puppy who had just been let off of her leash. It was freeing and entrancing. It truly was a wonderful run. My fear is mostly gone about Wednesdays 20 minute (NO WALKING!) run. (mostly gone….) As for now I am going to concentrate on how well I did today. The fact that I have worked my way up to doing heaps of pushups, (I went from not even 10 to 50 in rapid succesion) I am stronger, faster, and I have energy. Something that could not be said about me before I started this process. 

I have some serious knitting and cooking to do this afternoon, but tune in tomorrow when we will be having a discussion on nutrition and the pros and cons of dieting.  For now I am going to enjoy my green tea as it warms up my body.



15 POSTS???


Oh my……I have posted on a blog 15 times. I think that is a new record,…..for me anyway. Well, where do I begin? I finished week 5 day 1 today (Run 5 minutes walk 3, repeat 3x.) It went quite well. I ran a bit slow to begin with then picked up my pace a little. I feel that I am getting stronger because the pain in my calves is starting to go away. Also, because I did 50 pushups rapidly (military style….yes they were girly pushups…I’m working on it.) I was highly impressed with myself.

Lets talk about confidence for a moment. I know we have spoken about it a little bit before but it is important. I am reading a book called Run like a girl (where my blog title came from.)It is about the positive effect that sports have in girls lives. They are more confident, driven, and most of the time harder workers. I wasn’t involved in a lot of sports past jr high (because I wasn’t very good….) but I am realizing the truth in those studies. I am finding myself more confident and more driven then ever before. I attribute a lot of that to the training I am engaging in and the goals I keep meeting. When I meet a goal it is like a rush for me. I get to check something important off of my checklist. That is an amazing feeling. Sports, running, excercising just gives you this boost of self confidence that I have always needed.

I was always taught that pride is sinful. Don’t be proud of yourself. Don’t boast. Don’t show off your achievements. I have a very big problem with self esteem, and not being proud of anything I do is a bit of a killer. I have only learned in the year or so that I am allowed to be proud of my achievements. People are allowed to be proud of me, because I know God is. Now, I’m not saying I am going to go bragging about every little thing I do, but being able to accept praise, accept accolades, accept the love that comes with it, that is a huge boost for me.

Be proud of what you have done, and what you are going to do. I am proud of you!


Run…don’t walk!


Week four day one completed. Today was a day I had been dreading. I have crossed a threshold in my training. I ran over double what I walked. This was a huge accomplishment in three/four weeks coming from a girl who got winded walking to the mailbox.

Today I was breathing better. This is another huge thing for me. Let me give you a few reasons. I have asthma. Its not horrible, but it is there. I also recently moved from sea level to almost 6,000 feet. In Colorado you have to take time to get used to breathing again. The air is thinner here, and so my training is helping not only my fitness but my lungs as well! I feel stronger, not only in my lungs but my legs and core as well. I did a plank yesterday for over 60 seconds. Then I did supermans with almost no trouble.

I am just so encouraged by everyone reading my blog and cheering on my progress. It really means a lot to know that someone out there is reading this. Thank you. Thank you for supporting me.


Lets talk about music


Today was the last day of week three. It went very well. On the last stretch I found that zen-like place and was grinning like an idiot for about 20 minutes! In light of that lets talk about something that can help our runs go smoother: Our musical choice!

I have the most eclectic running mix ever. From Jay-Z to Dolly Parton. From The Beatles to Ke$ha. From classical piano to The Spice Girls (also with a good measure of Daft Punk and Dead Maus thrown in for pumping up my speed!) I have been finding that there is not a bad choice when it comes to running (except maybe a dirge…that could end badly.)  When I am starting out I prefer to thrown on some electronica and dance to get my blood flowing. As I go along I do like some poppy surprises (MMbob Anyone?) but my real first choice right now I found on Tumbler.

I friend of mine (with impeccable musical taste) posted this video and it BLEW MY FRIKIN MIND! If you are musical nerd (former music major/ chior/handbells/vocalist etc..) you will be in sheer awe of this song.

If you (like me) like to pretend that you are in the race of your life, cameras flashing, video rolling, friends cheering, enemies weeping, then you should download this cd. Its glorious and has helped me keep pace several times.

Now another for good measure…..and because it is also gloriously beautiful (and makes me grin like a fool)

What is your favorite running music?


C25k day two or Oh how I love technology!


Good afternoon my lovely friends! As you can tell I am in a pretty crazy good mood! Please excuse my overuse of exclamation points. Apparently I fancy myself emphatic when I am giddy with endorphines.

I just got back from day two of my quest to better health and a healthier hobby. It was AWESOME. After failing to wake up at 6am to run with my husband I got some groceries and went on what had to have been the windiest run ever in the history of runs……ever! Getting past the wind, the aching calves, and the growing blister on the bottom of each foot it went better than yesterday. I could feel myself regulating my breathing faster, I was keeping better posture,  and I had a more positive attitude.

Onto part of the reason for my joy. After I left you yesterday my husband and I planted our garden, then we took a nice quick trip to REI. If you are not familiar with REI its like Valhalah for outdoors people. Brett had rewards that were going to expire and he graciously offered to spend them on me. My running shoes were old, and I bought them for like $10 at walmart so I found that was time for a new pair. Especially if I am going to get serious about this whole running thing. I got some actual running shoes that have gel in the heel and in the ball of my foot (the gel in front is very important for me because I land right on the ball of my food when I run and it helps prevent blisters).

Along with my beautiful new shoes (which I was tempted to cuddle with last night as they were so pretty and shiny) I spend about three hours on running research. I am not the type of person who likes to go into something without thinking about it. I may seem spontanious, but copious amounts of research are my security blanket. I read at least 20 articles ranging from beginners guides to competitive running guides, to marathon guides, to nutrition guides. I found some amazing tips that not only made me feel better about myself, but gave me a good solid foundation for training.

One of the best things I did today was turn on my phone. I have three different fitness apps that I have downloaded for my phone and two programs on the internet. The main one I use is the C25K app. It tells me when to walk and run. It is essential for what I am doing right now, and best of all its free! The other one I turned on today was Runkeeper (runkeeper.com or free in the Android app store). It uses the GPS in your phone and maps you run, tells you your average mph, your total distance, and your total time. It then send the map to your computer so that you can keep track of your stats and your maps. Its FABULOUS! Today my run was 34 minutes, 2.31 miles, at an average of 4.07 mph, and I burned 314 calories. Cool huh?

Lastly, I have some news. During my research every single article told me that to get serious about running sign up for a race a few months away so that you have something to shoot for. Well, Brett and I are doing just that! If all goes according to plan we will be running in the August Dirty Dash (http://www.thedirtydash.com/races/colorado.html). It is a 5k race/obstacle course. Their goal is to cover you in as much mud as they can. Bonus, if you come watch us you get to throw water balloons at us as we run! We thought that would be a fun first race for me, and a great couples activity (what could be more romantic than running an obstacle course through 3 miles of mud?)

I should go eat my lunch now. I am quite hungry after my “big run.” This weekend we plan on going hiking at Garden of the gods, and Sunday will be restorative yoga! See you all on Monday for c25k day 3!!!!!!!