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Refusal to settle



I would like to apologize for not posting on Monday. I did indeed run and complete day 2 of week four. My problem was that I wrote my post three times and it deleted it EVERY TIME!!!!!! So today you get a double post!  Monday was all about positive reinforcement. I had wonderful things to say to myself:

“You are the best runner.” 

” You are the smartest of all the runners.”

” You are the most beautiful girl in the…..room….in the whole wide room.” (thank you Flight of the Conchords)

” You can do this.”

And other such platitudes were said….possibly out loud…to myself…in the middle of the street. Don’t judge. You have quirks too. 

If Monday was about positive reinforcement, today was about goal reinforcement. I have been having a lot of problems thinking about the future, worrying about the future, and basically stressing myself sick about the future. As a military wife my future is not exactly secure. It is as flexible as all get out. My problem is that I really really like to plan things. I make lists for everything. The fact that I can’t see even two years into the future is terrifying to me. So, my solution is to try and get through the immediate and make some goals that are basically my bucket list for my twenties.

A blogger whom I follow is working on her 30 before 30. It was my 25th birthday a few weeks ago, and I was reminded how close I really am to that landmark. I sat down Monday and started my 30 before 30 list. Here is an excerpt of it.

30 before 30

1 Run a marathon
2 Climb a 14er
3 Visit at least 2 more national parks
4 Become a mommy
5 Sell something on Etsy
6 Backpack at least once a year
7 Have something published
8 Start Masters degree
9 Knit a sweater
10 Sing onstage again
11- Be the lead in a musical
12 Write and edit a full novel

13- Spend a summer in missions (again)
I find that being an oldest child raised in an achievement oriented society that goals and dreams are very important things to me. If I don’t have goals I don’t have anything to shoot for, and I will settle for mediocracy. I refuse to settle. I will meet all of these goals (plus 27 more) in my five year window. 
What are some of your goals? What do you dream of achieving?
Ps: C25k Week four COMPLETED!!!!!!!!