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Good morning lovelies. I would like to start of by saying that I feel great! I finished week six of C25k today (22 minutes running, no walking) and it was wonderful. It didn’t start off wonderfully. It started off with me whining about it being too long to run. Then I got into my groove (and had a lovely husband at my side cheering me on!) and things started to fall into place.

There was also one major difference today.

I went to the gym and did a lovely yoga practice with some of the sweetest teachers. They were a husband and wife who taught a free class at the base gym. (The wife reminded me so much of my Oma that I had to double take to make sure that it wasn’t her.) It was a fairly relaxed session with some tai chi thrown in. My muscles still felt stretched from that so today there were no muscle pains during my run. It was almost miraculous. I have told you before that I usually come home with very sore calves, knees, and an ankle or two, but today I feel like I could take on the world. I did some light (or not so light) yoga poses as a cool down when we got home, then proceeded to do pushups, flutter kicks, planks, and oblique crunches. I feel so light and full of energy. Yoga not only makes me feel better, but it aids in my running making me better, stronger, and faster. Let me tell you I am pretty excited about the future of this relationship between my running practice and my yoga practice.

If you are thinking about  taking up running or yoga please let me urge you to do it! Do your research first to make sure that you don’t have any injuries or trouble areas that could become something serious. But taking that first step is a big deal. Your body will thank you!


Someday I will be able to do this pose. Until then- namaste and keep running!




My mama told me there’d be days like this.


I am in pain. I am tired. I am windburned. Lets just say today didn’t go so entirely well!

After my lovely injured weekend I woke this morning at my usual 7 am time. Although this morning I didn’t get out of bed. I lay there for another hour trying to find the motivation to move my lazy bum. I finally found that motivation in smelling the coffee my husband made and in wanting breakfast so badly! I pulled on my running clothes so that I would have no excuse to get back into bed and went downstairs.

After a nice breakfast of oatmeal and coffee (fiber of CHAMPIONS!) I skyped my sister for a few minutes to let my food digest. Then I embarked on my run.

Let me just narrate my thoughts on this particular run. I believe I will get the point across easier.

*walking* I’m cold. Why is the wind blowing? Its so cold….I’m cold and tired.

*running* This isn’t terrible. OH WAIT….there it is. Who is punching me in the stomach? Who are you and what do you want?

*walking again* Ow…ow….ow….. (weeping and gnashing of teeth ensues)

*running* I WANT TO DIE. SOMEONE CALL AND AMBULANCE. I think I am experiencing cardiac arrest! 

*running* Ok you big baby, pick up the pace (starts running faster….almost sprains other ankle….slows down) run….just listen to Daft Punk….they are telling you Harder, Better, faster, STronger. DO IT!

*cool down walk* ooooooo pretty flowers. I love breathing again. 

So that was pretty much my experience today. On my cooldown the sun came out from behind the fog, the flowers were blooming, and the dogs were barking at me as if to say “Hey you….give us food.” It got better. It also feels better to know that I can pick up my pace. I was averaging 6 minutes per mile before my cool down went and busted up my average.

Stretching also felt nice today. I threw in a couple Sun Salutations from yoga and let me tell you. Downward Dog is AMAZING for stretching your calves.

All in all I feel good that I went. I will feel even better after a few cups of tea and a back rub. =-)

In other news here are the before pictures your were promised. I apologize that they are blurry. They were taken on a phone.


I am learning that its not about how you feel in the morning. Its about pushing yourself to do something you didn’t think you could and feeling better after its over.